These are courses developed and managed by Curriculum Specialists at the Curriculum and Materials Development Unit. The main goal of these resources is to provide online and 24/7 access to technology integration resources for teachers. The material in these courses are organised such that teachers will be able to progress through them at their own pace. 

In some instances, Curriculum Specialists will use these resources to augment the activities at face to face workshops. Teachers are encouraged to access these course resources at any time and to participate in the forum discussions as much as possible. Participants in these courses also help to build value through their engagement and contributions to discussions.

An introductory course to Computer Coding and Robotics

The Lego Mindstorms Robotics Saint Lucia course is developed to provide support material, resources and assessment activities for teachers and students who are looking to learn how to interact in the Lego Mindstorms environment.

This course is designed for both teachers and secondary school students who are interested in exploring the many uses for and applications in which the Raspberry Pi single board computer can be used.

A course in ICT pedagogy and classroom technology for teachers of Grades K to 6.